Xi- Alpha, Truman State University

Local History

On March 15, 1996, Brother Jimmy “Smooth” Ruiz with Dwayne Smith, Dean of Multicultural Affairs to discuss the feasibility of establishing a historically Latino Fraternity at Truman State University, After this meeting, diligent research on allocation a fraternity that would meet the needs and wants of future students at Truman State University took place.

A month later, on April 13, 1996, Brother Jimmy Ruiz met with Dwayne Smith and concluded that Sigma Lambda Beta Fraternity, Inc. was the most prominent and successful choice. Thus, the process of recruitment and the founding of an interest group of this fraternity began, Being so late in the school semester, that summer was to be used to plan out the next semester. During this period of time, Brother Tim “Sombra” Prott joined the cause.

On July 19, 1996, Brother Smooth attended the Annual Fraternity Convention in Schaumburg, Illinois. It was there that the interest group. The Organization of Sigma Lambda Beta at Truman, was recognized.

The following week, Brother Chris “El Capitan” Martel was contacted via telephone, where in which he agreed to participate in the process of establishing the fraternity that following school semester.

On August 28, 1996, the interest group was in attendance at a peer mentor meeting at the Multicultural Affairs Center. The group approached Brother Jon “ Dulce “ Brown about the opportunity of founding Sigma Lambda Beta Fraternity, Inc. He agreed to actively participate in the cause.  The process of constructing a sound colony petition began.

During the evening of October, 15, 1996 at 7:50:21 P.M., Brother Ian Bautista arrived to Kirksville from Manhattan, Kansas the colony was officially confirmed at this session, and Brother Ian Bautista of the Phi Chapter was to become the D.O.P. of the group. On his return trip on October 23, 1996 at 8:15:05 P.M., the interest group members officially became Associate Members of Sigma Lambda Beta. The four founders became known as La Fuerza Poderosa (L.F.P.D.S.L.B.)

The founders sought strong ties with the Greek Community. In late October, the Colony of Sigma Lambda Beta gained affiliation with the National Pan-Hellenic Council. Later, on January 17, 1997, the colony was inducted into the Interfraternity Council.

Throughout the months of November to April, the aforementioned brothers made several roads trips to Kansas Sate University in Manhattan, Kansas. It was here that they were paired off with their Personal Big Brothers. Such were the matches: Brother Tim Prott/Brother Martin Laster; Brother Chris Martel/Brother Leo Prieto; Brother Jon Brown/ Brother John F. Martinez; and Brother Jimmy Ruiz/Brother Ian B. Bautista.

The founders once again traveled to KSU. On March 22, 1997 at 6:45:23 A.M., these founders became exposed to Lambda Light, and were activated as Brothers of Sigma Lambda Beta Fraternity, Inc. Upon their return the following week, the founders worked diligently on developing ties with the campus and community. Thanks to the dedication and hard work of Brother Chris Martel and the rest to the founders, the fraternity acquired its first local community service project. The founder’s co-sponsored 19th annual community Easter Egg Hunt. It proved to be a big success. The affirmative response from such a project only served to attest the greatness of these new Greek organization. The founders were off to an exceptional star!

On October 13, at 12:38:00 A.M. the Alpha line consisting of Rudy “Alto” Arredondo, Jeff “Luchador” Jokerst, and Alex “Anfitrion” Lamb became exposed to the Lambda Light and crossed over into the brotherhood of Sigma Lambda Beta at Truman State University. This line is to be known as Los Hermanos de Oro (L.H.D.O.S.L.B.)

To bring closure to more than a year and a half of work and dedication , the Truman State Colony of Sigma Lambda Beta was rewarded its chapter charter on February 21, 1998. At the Board of Directors meeting, Truman State was awarded the Greek letters.

As the years passed recruiting for the fraternity became more difficult as many of the more senior members began to graduate. The last active member of the Xi Alpha Chapter was Brother Kenny Kim, who graduated from Truman State University in the Spring of 2005.

In the Spring of 2008, Brother Chris Majetech became interested in the fraternity. With the encouragement of the ladies of the Alpha Alpha chapter of Sigma Lambda Gamma, he visited Laura Bates, Director of Student Activities and Campus Activities at the University’s Center of Student Involvement to discuss the plausibility of bringing back the organization.

She provided him with alumni contact information. After speaking with Matt and doing additional research on the fraternity, he decided to pursue in bringing the organization back to campus.

At the time, he was the only interest in the fraternity. From that point, quality recruitment was the main task on top of visiting nearby chapters. With the help of Beth Tuttle, Director of Greek Affairs, alumni, other chapters of the Midwest, he was able to exceed.

During the Fall of 2009, after holding several more interest meetings, several men were recruited, from the unofficial interest group. This included Brothers Ismail Adiputra, Rasyid Adiputra, Edward Alvarez, and Mayank Dhungana.

They were six men strong which was just shy of their required number. They used the semester to work on their grades, save money, meet regularly, bond as brotherhood, and plan for the next semester.

In Spring of 2009, the interest group became official on campus, known as Hermanos Unidos, a catalyst organization to start the resurrection of Sigma Lambda Beta. The interests held more informational meetings. During one meeting multiple brothers from other chapters in the Midwest came to visit and assist in recruiting efforts. These included Brothers Ronaldo Chacon of Omicron Chapter, Anthony Ybarra of Phi Chapter and Juan Izaguirre, Jordan Vargas, and Saul Oman of Delta Beta Chapter.

Hermanos Unidos was also began to conduct projects and events in order to petition to begin colonization. Where recruiting was finished, the interest group was boosted to nine members, including Brother Michael Jones. In addition to continuing study sessions and weekly meetings, the brothers also conducted weekly bonding activities, and held service and fundraising events.

After a year of hard work, the petition was finalized and submitted to Sigma Lambda Beta Headquarters. Within a week, the petition was accepted. The interest group was inducted into the Fraternity on Friday, February 27 at 9:01 P.M. Unfortunately, three of the nine members discontinued prior the induction.

Together, the remaining men became a ship, “Bhinneka Tunngal Ika de Sigma Lambda Beta.” “Bhineeka Tunngal Ika” is an old Javanese script that literally means “Although in pieces, yet whole.” More loosely translated, it means “Unity in diversity.” The men, considered associate members, spent the nest eight weeks learning what it was, and what it meant to be a Sigma Lambda Beta man. On April 25, at 4:44 A.M., Ship Bhinneka Tunngal Ika of Sigma Lambda Beta reached its destination. The newly initiated members, the Phoenix Founding Fathers of the Theta Line included;

Christopher “Inagotable” Majetech

Ismail “Eirini” Adiputra

Mayank “Seniman” Dhungana

Edward “Viviente” Alvarez

Michael “Duas” Jones

Rasyid “Pronadzen” Adiputra

Being official members of Sigma Lambda Beta International Fraternity Incorporated, they brothers decided for the return to be a momentous occasion. In Fall of 2009, the brothers began the semester organizing and participating for the appearance. On September 19, 2009, with the support of alumni and visiting Betas from the Midwest, the newest members of the Truman Greek Community held a probate. And thus began the new legacy of the Xi Alpha Colony of Sigma Lambda Beta International Fraternity Incorporated.

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